As we age, the skin loses elasticity, volume and structural support which leads to the formation of deep lines, grooves and folds – especially around the mouth. In addition to this, our lips, which are perhaps the most prominent aesthetic feature of our face, begin to lose volume and become thinner and less well defined. Naso-labial and Marionette lines are formed by skin folds running between the nose, mouth and chin. These furrows are among the first to appear on the aging face, and together with lip enhancement, are the primary areas treated by Dermal Fillers to improve facial aesthetics.

Dermal Fillers are a temporary treatment method, that provide immediate results for eliminating these facial lines. They consist of a hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in our bodies and is therefore broken down by natural means and is hypo-allergenic.

Uses for Dermal Filler

Beautiful Lips

Enhance shape or size to improve the overall appearance of lips and face.

Cheek Enhancement

Providing mid-face structure not only improves your appearance, but helps to support the face against the natural ageing process

Tear Troughs

Dermal fillers can be used to correct dark pigmentation under the eyes for a refreshed appearance.

Chin Enhancement

Dermal filler can provide structural changes to the chin and jawline to dramatically improve dento-facial aesthetics

Naso-labial Lines

Improving the appearance of soft tissues around the mouth can enhance overall appearance and achieve optimal results. Only to be treated in conjunction with cheek filler.

Nose Enhancement

Dermal filler offers a reversible, minimally-invasive option correcting aesthetic defects of one of the most prominent features of the face


Dermal Fillers

(Belotero, Teosyal & Emervel)

Dermal Filler Consultation 50 *
Lip Augmentation 380 ½ ml
550 1 ml
Volumizing filler 750 for 1st ml
500 for 2nd ml (same day appointment)
400 for 3rd ml (same day appointment)
Tear Troughs 650

* Fees redeemable against any clinic treatment
All prices in NZD including GST.

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