As we age, our lip size often becomes smaller and loses its’ structure.  Hylauronic acid dermal fillers can enhance the lips by increasing volume, correcting asymmetries, adding hydration, improving the lip borders, and lifting the corners, in addition to improving the texture of the lips and the lines above the upper lip.  For the area around the mouth e.g. upper lip lines, skin rejuvenation treatments can help reduce the lines, or enhance the effectiveness and longevity of filler products. The choice of products used depends on the clients request. Fine products for fine lines, subtle lip definition and rehydrating the loops, or thicker stronger products for fuller lip volume and shape enhancement.

Most people fear appearing overdone with dermal fillers, especially to the lips. We understand your concern, and each patient is individually assessed to provide you with a natural looking lip enhancement.

Are lip filler permanent?

No, they are not permanent. Hylauronic acid fillers typically last 6-12 months in the lips.

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