We currently have no monthly special. Check our price list for a range of permanent special prices.

New permanent pricing for laser hair removal

$69 for three sessions on a small area
Small areas include: upper lip | chin | sides of face/sideburns | above eyebrows | ears | snail trail | areola/nipples

$99 for three sessions on a medium area
Medium areas include: bikini | underarms | lip and chin | front of neck | back of neck | hands and fingers | feet and toes

$169 for three sessions on a large area
Large areas include: Full Face | Brazilian | extended bikini | shoulders | stomach | lower arms | upper arms | 1/2 back | buttocks

$249 for three sessions extra large area
Extra large areas include: 1/2 legs, upper or lower | full arms | full back

$399 for three sessions
of laser hair removal on men’s full back and shoulders or women’s/men’s full legs

Mesotherapy Beauty Super Booster

1 ml for $275 $225

3 mL for $550 $450

1 ml is sufficient for 1 area: around eyes or around mouth
3ml for full face treatment
Valid from 1 – 31 July 2019

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