Thread Lift

The Non-Surgical & Highly- Effective Facelift Alternative

Are you fed up and frustrated with loose, saggy skin? Do you want a non-surgical way to reduce wrinkles and give your face a natural-looking lift without going under the knife? A Thread Lift could be the answer.

What Makes A Thread Lift So Special?

A Thread Lift is a non-surgical thread face lift procedure that lifts and smooths the skin on your face, neck or jowls. Using a fine thread to pull the skin tighter, whilst also stimulating the natural production of collagen, the Thread Lift gives you a significantly younger, firmer appearance.

Also known as the “one stitch facelift” or “puppet facelift”, this revolutionary treatment offers you the results of a surgical facelift without the pain, recovery time or risks associated with traditional cosmetic surgery.

During the procedure, the ‘threads’ are inserted under the surface of the skin into the sub dermis. These tiny threads anchor to the skin, keeping it in place as the threads are lifted, to create a smoother and tighter appearance. Made from PDO (Polydioxanone), they also stimulate a collagen production response.

Lifting and tightening your face, giving the skin back its strength and elasticity and providing you with a noticeably younger-looking appearance.

What Problems Can A Thread Lift Help With?

The Thread Lift for face is one of the most effective treatments for instantly treating the visible signs of ageing. Giving you an immediate natural-looking lift while also helping to regenerate and improve your skin on a cellular level for a long-lasting result.

A Thread Lift is the perfect treatment for:

  • Lifting loose or sagging skin on the cheeks, jowls or under your eyes.
  • Smoothing fine lines such as forehead creases, crow’s feet and frown lines.
  • Tightening the skin on your jawline and neck.
  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles and deeper lines on the lower face, including  and nasolabial folds and  marionette lines.
  • Creating instantly visible results without going under the knife.

How A Thread Lift Works

From the age of around 25, collagen production in your skin slows down and continues to decrease as we age. Collagen is the substance that gives your skin its elasticity, strength and bounce. Creating that smoothness and firmness that we associate with a youthful complexion.

This reduction in collagen causes your skin to lose some of its elasticity, resulting in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and drooping of the skin.

For many years, if you wanted a facelift effect then surgery was the only way to go. But that is no longer the case. The Thread Lift has revolutionised the aesthetic industry, giving people a safe, effective alternative that not only gives impressive immediate results but also improves skin condition and stimulates regeneration.

A Thread Lift works in two ways: it uses a drawstring-type effect to pull the skin tight and it stimulates the natural production of more collagen.

The theory is pretty simple. Your Aesthetic Doctor will carefully insert the thread around the edge of your face, neck or area you wish to treat. Once complete the threads are gently pulled to lift and tighten the skin, giving you an instantly more youthful appearance.

These threads anchor to the skin, allowing it to be pulled tighter and also stimulate the body to start healing and producing more collagen. While you will have instantly visible results from the treatment, the full benefits are visible after 6-12 weeks when your body has had time to regenerate and produce new cells.

Why Choose A Thread Lift?

A Thread Lift is not just any thread lift. While other threads can physically lift your skin,  PDO threads are the only treatment that provides an immediate physical lifting effect, as well as a biological stimulating the natural production of collagen.

Our thread is made from a special substance called PDO (polydioxanone). This substance has been used in the medical field for many years in suture thread, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, drug delivery, cardiovascular applications, and tissue engineering. It is highly compatible with the body and completely biodegradable, making negative reactions very unlikely.

Polydioxanone helps to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production processes, giving the skin back its strength and elasticity.

This unique combination of mechanical lifting and cellular regeneration is what makes the PDO Thread Lift so powerful, giving people immediately noticeable results and long-lasting regeneration.

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