treatments-laser-teeth-white1. How white will my teeth be after the Beyond Polus treatment?

As white as they can naturally be. Beyond Polus gives you the most intensive whitening results available in New Zealand. If you have outwardly visible and tough stains from food, drinks or cigarrettes, then Beyond Polus is particularly effective. Even if you have fluoride or age related stains, Beyond Polus will bring your teeth back to as naturally white as they can be.

2. Do many New Zealanders whiten their teeth?

Teeth whitening is becoming more and more common in New Zealand. It’s a safe, painless and quick treatment that gives outstanding results. Your smile is the first impression you give to the world, so a clean, bright and sparkling smile can make a big difference when meeting new people.

Recent research has shown that people who have whiter teeth (regardless of whether they professionally whiten their teeth or not) smile more often and tend to make more eye contact. Feedback from our recent patients tends to suggest they life the compliments from friends and family as well.

3. What about Do It Yourself (DIY) or Home Teeth Whitening?

After your first treatment it’s a good idea to maintain your teeth so they remain as white as they can be. With the Beyond Polus system you won’t need to continually whiten your teeth as the treatment is long lasting – depending on the food and drink you consume.

4. Who can take the Beyond Polus whitening treatment?

Literally everyone can safety whiten their teeth with Beyond Polus. Beyond Polus is safer that other whitening treatments because it uses a beam of high intensity blue light rather then a heat lamp, common amongst other whitening treatments. Any harmful ultra violet (UV) light is completely removed by the 12,000 strong optical fibre filtering system, leaving only a focussed beam of cold light to whiten your teeth.

The cold light permeates deep into your teeth, causing oxidation (removal of top layer stains and discoloring) without any harmful side effects.

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