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Ground Breaking Technologies

Entirely non-invasive, Ulfit works by targeting deep layers in the skin – it boosts new collagen production and collagen regeneration right at the source. It is sometime called the ‘Lunchtime Face Lift’ as the treatment is quick, very tolerable and has low downtime.

Ulfit uses two ground breaking technologies: Micro focused Ultrasound and Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound for skin laxity and body contouring treatments. It can be used successfully on many problem areas of the face and body.

Ulfit is a simple treatment with low downtime that rejuvenates and delivers visible results.

Is Ulfit Right for me ?

If you have wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skinon your face or neck ,Ulfit treatment can help to ttighten and rejuvenate your skin. Ulfit can also contour and tighten specific body areas. Because Ulfit face lifting targets various depths, even deep wrinkles and be improved using this treatment.

With the exception of a few medical contraindications, Ulfit is appropriate for all patients with aging concerns.

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