Treating acne and scarring is very achievable with amazing results here at Glowry Cosmetic Clinic.

We have a range of treatments that will help to stimulate your bodies own healing response which results in the production of collagen, resulting in a smoother, clearer, plumped and more refined skin.


Our most popular and effective treatment is Dermal needling with PRP. This treatment not only helps to completely rejuvenate the skin but helps to smooth out scaring, especially the pitting that is a result of previous acne.

If you have an active acne infection, we can treat your skin with the Aqua Pure. This all-in-one facial treatment uses two types of skin peels to exfoliate the skin to remove any dead skin build up and to regulate oil flow. The facial has 6 steps and helps to smooth, rejuvenate and calm the skin while destroying the bacteria responsible for the breakouts. For active breakouts we can also treat the skin with IPL or lasers but this is all based on your skin type and contra-indications.

We do have any other options including China Doll Carbon Laser facial, IPL Skin rejuvenation, Mesotherapy and dermal fillers.


For us to treat your skin successfully and to deliver the best results possible we do recommend that you book in for a consultation at the clinic.

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